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Flashback to my second hike ever (lol I’m wearing jeans).

On the way up Marcy

A hike in Sedona, down Broken Arrow trail. The Pond on Top of a Mountain.

Sleepy after a 3am start.

Lake Windermere, Loughrigg Fell, The Lake District, England

Sunny morning in the Adirondacks

Hiking in Sedona, Arizona. Down Broken Arrow Trail.

Hadley Mountain summit

Good evening! Let me first start out by saying how glad I am that I found this page! I have a few questions, Did you complete the NPT this past summer? I'm looking to do this summer 2013 and was just wondering how long it took you to complete it? Thanks again phil!
whyihike whyihike Said:

Hi! Glad you like our blog (:

Dan and Brian (co-bloggers) did the NPT this past summer My job is really busy in the summer so I can’t do long summer trips (boo). They finished in 5 days and 5 hours, but they went ultra-light and they like to challenge themselves. Usually it takes 8-10 days, and it’s better to just enjoy being out there, in my opinion.

awesome blog!
whyihike whyihike Said:

Thank you, thank you :)

Hope Falls and Dan’s finger.

That sky!